In a recent scientific study, we've quietly monitoring the behaviour of players within the Evil Dead forest. We came to the conclusion that most people fall into 3 different types of runners. Which one do you identify with?

  1. The most popular runner is the Escape Artist. This type of runner is no stranger to their local Dodgeball team and quite nifty when it comes to eluding the grips of the Deadites!
  2. Next up is the Ninja. The Ninja moves around the forest without breaking a twig! When spotted by a Deadite, they pull out a Rabbit’s Foot and avoid being hit.
  3. The last runner (and our personal favourite), the Lunatic! The Lunatic is in their element and goes hell-for-leather by popping a cap in anything that moves!

Whichever way you like to hustle within the forest, we love seeing your 'Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare' game-play footage and it’s so easy to do! We've introduced EveryPlay, so now you can record your game-play and share it on Facebook or Twitter for all the world to see. To turn EveryPlay on within your device, all you need to do is click on the cog button within the cabin to enter the Settings menu. Then all you need to do is simply click the EveryPlay tick box and then you're ready to record your run.

When you return to the spell book after you've finished a mission, you should now should now notice two new buttons that allows you to edit and share your latest runs. You can upload and share your EveryPlay clip via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even email. However why not upload it to the EverPlay community where you see how well your friends have done.

So what you waiting for, get recording your run with EveryPlay today! For the full EveryPlay experience, don't forget to switch on your face cam to record both video and sound. Who knows, you may even end up being featured on our Facebook page! EveryPlay I’m hustling...