In a brand new update for iOS and Android, you can now see your friends running within the forest! Warning: we absolutely do not take any responsibility for any friendships that may deteriorate from this update…

We believe that popping deadites is the ultimate stressbusting activity and with millions of deadites getting the chop daily, we know you agree. Now we want to take this up a notch and give you the opportunity to settle some scores with your friends with the FRENEMY update!

With this feature, your Facebook friends become ‘frenemy’ deadites in the woods and killing them will be rewarding both financially and emotionally. Jack ate your lunch? Chop him with a chainsaw in the woods. Karen from HR denied a holiday request to attend your cat’s wedding? Knock her out with a crowbar. You can record your merciless EVIL DEAD murder missions using EVERYPLAY feature and share these videos on all social media channels. These videos are also perfect for family gatherings and job applications.

How does it all work? Load the game up, login to Facebook and get your friends to play too, if they are not already. (Why wouldn’t they be??) Find your friends in the forest and if they have a higher score than you, passing them will give you a reward and killing them will give you a tasty bonus. You’ll recognize them from the blue glow and Facebook profile pics.

With this update we have also fixed bugs and balanced the game some more.

Download the update here and go huntin’ ->